MBTA For Inner Harbor and Commuter Ferry Service

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How To Take The T All Around Town
Boston is one of the most magnificent cities on the East Coast. There are a myriad of things to do alone, with friends or with the entire family. Therefore, you should think about how you are going to travel throughout Boston. The most efficient and easiest way to travel is through the T. The T is the main subway line that connects the red, green, orange and blues lines together. There is also an impressive bus system that connects all the major weiter lesen …

Getting Onto The Bus…

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Taking the buses in Boston can be a lesson in patience but they’re one of the fastest most cost effective ways around the city! Here are a few ways to get more familiar with the city’s bus transit system – don’t be afraid because you don’t know the buses!
Check Out the Routes: There are dozens of bus routes in any given neighborhood in Boston and they can vary by time of day or even day of the week. Go to www.t1internet.net to get fast internet so you can check the city’s transit website for changes and schedules.
Carry Cash: Exact change, to be specific. Most bus drivers don’t make change so if you’re planning on hopping the 1.25 bus make sure you’ve got the extra quarter. There’s nothing more frustrating than only having a 5
Ride on Weekends: Before you make the jump to riding the bus at rush hour try it out at a time of day when there won’t be many people around. The more people on the bus the more stressful and hurried you’ll be – set yourself up for success!

Insider Tips On The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority

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The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority commonly known as the ‘The T system’ is a remarkably coordinated effort, keeping in mind that millions of passengers use it day and night.
For any visitors or people who have just moved into Boston, it is advisable to get information about how the whole system works in terms of the schedule and fare.
The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority is a system made up of several systems within it. The weiter lesen …

Tips On Getting A Taxi In The City Of Boston

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For travelers arriving at Boston Logan Airport, there are plenty of taxis available at the terminal. Passengers can go directly to the taxi stand from the baggage claim area. It is easy to find a cab in the downtown area, particularly at popular tourist landmarks such as the Freedom Trail or the Aquarium.

Although hailing a cab on the street is not as prevalent as in New York, many weiter lesen …

Keeping The Water Green By Choosing A Water Shuttle To Travel

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When visiting Boston, one of the most pleasant things is the choice of water travel available. There is no need to spend a visit to this beautiful city fighting traffic and enduring delays. There are several ferries and water taxi services that depart from Boston harbor to several locations. Some ferry services are operated by the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority while others are run by private operators. weiter lesen …

Long Commutes Require Larger Transportation On Coach Busses And Amtrak

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Boston, Massachusetts, although known as, “America’s Walking City”, is a fascinating city to visit. Whether you are wanting to go walk along the harbor, or have an upcoming College Freshman in you group that is considering going to Harvard in the fall, and would like to go tour the Harvard Campus. There is always something entertaining to do no weiter lesen …

Boston Zipcar: Transportation Without The Hassle Of Ownership

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Recently a new concept in transportation has sprouted in a few large cities such as Boston, car sharing. There are several companies now promoting this concept. Drivers who sign up with these companies can share vehicles even if they only need it for a few hours. These customers do not need to rent a car for an entire day. Some city governments have partnered with car share companies, as the car share concept weiter lesen …