Hang drum – A nice harmony in your hands

The term hang drum can be stated as a sound sculpture or a musical instrument, which is shortly known as hang. At present, the hang drum is widely available that can be applied as a synonym of hand pan. In the earlier days, the great instrument builders Sabina Scharer and Felix Rohner were created the first hang drum instrument in Bern, Switzerland. The world hang means hand in the Bernese German language, which is pronounced as a hung or Hong. After being so many years of researching, the hang has started to develop using the particular metals of steel pan. However, this musical instrument has a specific UFO shape that results in the glued together of two half-shells of deep drawn.

Actually, this hang is a convex steel drum that usually played with the hands and also tuned with several notes. Each hang can be tuned to a specific scale such as natural minor, hijaz, major, harmonic minor and mixolydian and so on. This kind of hand pan is an overtone emitting instrument that has an ability to develop several layers of sound as well as ethereal effects that finely works very well along with the drone instruments. Originally, the hang was invented in the year of 2001 by a small company PANArt in Switzerland. The creation of these tuned concave instruments could be sealed together with a strong adhesive as well as resonating chamber of thick steel.

Why the hang instrument is getting popular?

The term hang drum indicates the musical instrument, but the hand is exactly not the drum and it belongs to the idiophone percussion instruments which is the same family of musical instruments such as xylophone, etc. Normally, this hang drum instrument can be played with the hands and fingers. The great advantage of using this hang is highly portable than any other instruments like bonang. However, this instrument is getting popular among the music lovers in these days and widely used in the modern music.

The major reasons for the growing popularity of these hanging instruments are something unique to use and also very handy percussion melodic instrument, when compared to others. Another reason for getting popular of this instrument is very easy to play and also portable. This new music instrument is quite natural to use, which survives in all the unique applications even in a particular music genre.

Buy hang drum for sale

The steel hang drums can be quite expensive to buy that usually sounds like hand pans, which are very simpler and also easier to carry out. This drum is very affordable and also available in several numbers. If you look for hang drum for sale, first you know the price and it costs around $200 to $350. These musical instruments are rare handmade, but it is good choice to use in the modern music. Now, you can find this hang drum mostly in Amazon and eBay that available for sale. This hang is also available with accessory includes secure hand case that is good for shipping, storage or traveling.