Daily Quest Locations – Where Are They and How Does That Affect Me?

You probably want to know the daily quest locations if you are going to complete them and earn the gold you need. And really, who doesn’t need gold? Whether it’s for an epic mount, an expensive enchant, or some epic gems for your gear, you almost certainly could use a little more ka-ching in your bank account. Daily quests can provide that, and you can keep doing them until you have however much you need.

So where are the daily quests located, anyway? The answer is that they can be found in many different locations throughout Outlands. There’s no central hub where you can find them all, although they do tend to be clumped into various locals. Depending on which quest you are looking for, you’ll have to head to the right area.


The single largest concentration of dailies can be found on the Isle of Quel’Danas. They aren’t all in the same building, but the Isle isn’t all the big and there are bunches of quests all stuffed together there. Another area that has many quests is Shattrah. There are multiple different quest givers that can be found within the center of the city. There are also quest givers in Shattrah for PVP quests and some of the profession based quests.


There are a few quests in Terokkar Forest, in the southeastern area called Skettis. There are a few in Nagrand, specifically PVP quests centered on Halaa. The Netherwing quests are all found at Netherwing Ledge, which shouldn’t be much of a surprise. Ogri’la is home to many daily quests for a couple of different factions, so that’s another place you’ll want to check.


The important things to consider when you are looking for daily quests is how convenient the location is. If you’re already near Blade’s Edge, by all means go work through the Skyguard or Ogri’la quests. On the other hand, if you’re in Shattrah that may not be the best idea. If you want to work through a lot of quests, the Isle is a good place because you don’t have to go far to cover quite a few options. 


Keep in mind where you’re headed when you are done though. If your hearth is down and you head to the Isle, you could be in a tight spot when you want to leave. Do things in an order that makes sense, coordinating your location with where you are coming from and where you’re going.