Gold Farming Shadowmoon Valley

If you’re reading this guide, you probably have a level 85 character, right? But (if you were like me) you are also probably near broke

from having bought your normal flying mount, paying for repairs and buying enchants. The list just never stops, and it doesn’t get easier.

So how do you make an abundance of money? Here’s a simple little guide that will fetch you not only money, but nice drops too!

There are two possible locations to choose from, and each depends on your style. If you like relaxed farming, with the ability to stop, rest and take a break, I would suggest the first area I examine. However, if you’re in good gear (Majority karazhan epics) you may wish to look at the second area I briefly examine, as it’s maximized for quick farming.

First Area – Eclipse Point

Eclipse Point is inhabited by melee, casting and ranged units. Each of these range from levels 68-70 (which means they can drop world lvl70 epics!), and all thankfully die relatively quickly. The beauty of this area is even with a well geared character, if you run a circuit, you can have an endless supply of easy to kill mobs that drop great rewards. Here’s my circuit:

Walk in the entrance and go right. Continue around the spherical path until you reach stairs. Once on the top, clear that area, and work back down to the bottom of the stairs. Then proceed the way that you didn’t initially come from, that being right (as you’re walking down the stairs). Clear all the way to the start, rinse and repeat.

Not only do these mobs drop cash, they also drop netherweave cloth, sunfury signets, arcane tomes, greens, blues and epics! Partner up with a disenchanter for the greens and blues and watch the money start rolling in!

Second Area – Legion Hold

Atop Legion Hold is an area where there are 3-4 casters channeling to poles. These die extremely quickly, and as such are great to farm.

There are around 20-25 casters that you can kill in this area, and as they drop cash, Netherweave Cloth, Fel Armaments, Marks of Sargeras, greens, blues and epics, they’re absolutely great to farm!

There are several catches to farming in this area, however:

Mobs almost instantly respawn – This is good or bad depending on your playstyle/gear.

Several pathing mobs – Ads are always on your back

Roaming Elite – Though Soloable, he will give you a hard time unless you avoid him

Though if you have the appropriate gear, I cannot highly recommend this area enough, it’s truly a great place to farm cash!

So there you have it, a foolproof way to make quick, fast and easy money for your epic flyer and more!