Leveling a Warrior is Easy! World of Warcraft

Leveling a Warrior in WOW sucks! I don’t think there is someone out there who will argue with that. This is one of the main reasons I never tried leveling a War to 80.But recently I was enthusiastic about having one. So I started a new Tauren Warrior – the reason I chose that race is because I like their bonuses – HP boost which really helps a lot latter and stun which is also really good to have in PVP and PVE(also they look really cool). There was another thing as well – I somewhere read that leveling Taurens (in their starting area) was hard and from my own experience, I did know that.

But then I realized-that was totally wrong. I leveled my little War in nearly half an hour to level 6 and after one hour, I was level 10 (in nearly 1h 30 minutes). Of course, I don’t think that is something super cool. There probably are players who have done this before if not faster but I found something new for me- and I am sure that there aren’t so many people who do this. So here’s basically what I did.

I took my first quests. If I am not in a mistake one was about killing…Plainstraiders? Not sure. Whatever so when I was starting there were other people who were level one. That’s why I thought it will be hard for me to level if we stay at the same are, but I didn’t go anywhere else, instead I stood at the that place tagging as many mobs as I could reach . Translating (LOL) :

I hit one Plainstraider, move to the next one hit it, after that another one if there was near. So with a little luck I had 3 Plainstraiders trying to kill me. Of course that isn’t scary, LOL. I had a lot of HP which was boosted by my skills (5% +) and when I thought I was going to die, I just stomped the attackers. Another good point was that while the vermin were hitting me I was getting a lot of rage, so I was killing them a lot faster than I would do it one by one.

Also I grinded all the way while going somewhere. Here’s what you do. You hit the mob, then start moving backwards to the place you want to go. That way you get extra experience and don’t waste a lot of time.

Another tip : Use two handed weapon. Why? They are slower yes, but with one hit you do a lot more damage in single strike than one hand weapons.

Another tip: Hit one mob, you will get rage, use Rend, move to the next one and repeat. – That way killing mobs will be faster because while hitting one mob yourself, Rend will do damage to another one as well.

I think this is all. Now you should consider for yourself if that method can be used for another class or even another race (because I think the two-handed weapon start, rage,and the HP bonus are major factor for doing this). In my opinion the only class except the Warrior which can achieve this is the Paladin but I haven’t tried so I am not sure about that. (The problem with other classes is that their skills require a lot of mana – a shaman can do it but his mana will be getting low so you will have to stop to regain and this will make it leveling slower, I somewhere read a guide that this method can be used by Priest for leveling, however, I never leveled a that class so I can’t be sure about that)