Home Warranty and Maintenance Plan

In generally, most of the home buyers are worrying about the warranty after closing the plans. The home warranty companies will provide the coverage of warranty items if you are a first time home buyer.

Mostly, many real estate agents will provide the home buyer warranty as a gift at the closing time to their customers. When it comes to the coverage of policy is varies from state to state and policy to policy. Now, we will see the 3 best home warranty and maintenance plan.

What is home warranty?

The home warranty performs various activities. Such as listed below,

  1. If any defects occurred in your home, you can make a call to the home warranty company to solve the defects.
  2. The home warranty company calls the service provider to service the particular home.
  3. And the provider make an appointment from the homeowner
  4. Home Warranty Company will pay the replaced material based on the warranty and insurance policy to the homeowner. Finally, you should pay the service fees.

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